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Week Two of STEM Training Begins

Week two of the intensive STEM training at Dhammajarinee has begun, brilliantly led by Dr. Stuart Kohlhagen—one of Australia’s foremost public scientists and a leading international STEM educator. In today’s session, students learned about mobile app coding using the Massachusetts Institute of Technology App Inventor. Students made a Thai-English translator app and were asked what additional useful apps they could develop. The responses were extraordinary and included programming a chatbot that isolated elders in rural communities could use to communicate, and developing a health and wellness diary app that would monitor mental health and give positive affirmations and advice. When you give empower girls with tools and training, it is incredible to see what they create. Great appreciation goes to Dr. Kohlhagen for this life-changing training and to the Bangkok Translation and Interpretation Service, who is providing excellent translators throughout the three-week program.


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