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More than 90% of Dhammajarinee graduates go on to study at university and all students receive training in vocational skills to be self-sufficient. Comparatively, only 5% of children from low-income families in Thailand advance to higher education. The most inspiring feature of our graduates is the women they become — compassionate, self-actualized, empowered, and able to achieve their dreams while also lifting up others. Please enjoy some of their stories below.

Apinya Kamjorn
The Next Generation of Leadership at DWS


I came to DWS when I was seven years old, after my parents had separated. I was living with my father and two sisters, and my father worked as a general laborer and didn’t have the funds to send my sister and me to study. So, I moved to a children’s home and then was given the opportunity to come to DWS.

Being at DWS is like entering a wider society and being given the training to be self-sufficient. The teachers and dormitory mothers take good care of us and provide us with the opportunity to study and pursue higher education. The school encouraged me to complete a bachelor's degree and arranged a scholarship to attend university.

I recently received my bachelor's degree and returned to teach English and help the school. I wish to share knowledge and opportunities with future generations who require support for their education as I did. I believe every child should be allowed to pursue an education and I feel fortunate to be a part of making this happen at DWS. When I came to DWS, there were about 100 students. I have enjoyed seeing the school continue to develop into what it is today.

Sathaka Wareenipon
Self-Actualization and Helping Others


I come from northeastern Thailand, and due to my family not having enough income, I was unable to attend secondary school. My parents supported the decision to attend DWS, but initially I was concerned about being so far away from family. However, quickly DWS became like a second home, with teachers and friends looking after me. At the school, I developed the ability to be self-sufficient, have critical thinking, and seize opportunities. I also learned to have respect for others and be proactive in giving and helping those in need without waiting for them to ask for assistance first.

Meditation is one of the most important skills. I learned at DWS because it helped me to become more self-aware. After graduating, I continued the meditation practice. As a result, I continue to grow in self-actualization and respect for others and myself.


I recently received my degree in Chinese language and culture from Mae Fah Luang University (a top-ranked university in Thailand) and am working as a Chinese translator for a manufacturing company. I appreciate the chance to attend DWS, where I received a good upbringing without having to stress over my basic needs being met, like the chance to study, having enough food and a place to sleep. We appreciate all the donors who support the school, giving girls like me this opportunity.

Paijitra Burakhon
Culturing Leadership


As a young child, my parents separated, and I went to live with my mother. After elementary school, I had no opportunity to continue my studies. My mother heard about DWS and that it would be a chance for me to complete secondary school, be prepared to get a good job, and for my family to save money for my siblings.


DWS has given me new life and allowed me to pursue a bachelor's degree. I’m a fourth-year nursing student at Nakhon Pathom Rajabhat University. After graduating, I will work for a large public hospital.


During my time at DWS, I was cultured in patience, punctuality, and kindness to fellow classmates, and I have brought these qualities to university. These factors promoted me to be a room counsellor and a university council member.

I am grateful to DWS and the donors who support the school, allowing me and other girls to study and achieve our goals.

Pareena Wongkeadsuk
University Honors and a Bright Career


My parents were unable to care for me and were concerned that I would not be able to finish my studies,  so they sent me to DWS when I was in grade two. Upon arriving, I felt it was like a second home, and all the teachers treated me like family. I was provided with both opportunity and happiness.


After completing grade 12, this school secured a scholarship for me to pursue a bachelor's degree at Panyapiwat Institute of Management, where I received first-class honors. I currently work as a manager for one of the large bakery companies in Thailand.

I am proud to be a graduate of DWS. This school has provided excellent training and molded me into a person of perseverance, diligence, patience, and humility. I am grateful to DWS for allowing every student to receive a quality education and pursue higher education.


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