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Mission Statement

Provide a safe home and quality education, kindergarten to grade 12, for underserved girls in Thailand—helping break the cycle of poverty and a lack of opportunity. 


Our vision is that every underserved girl in Thailand is equipped with the knowledge, values, and skills to thrive in our 21st-century world and contribute to a better society. Rooted in traditional Thai culture, we aspire to cultivate compassionate leaders, critical thinkers, lifelong learners, and responsible global citizens. Our commitment to high-quality academics, moral integrity, and holistic development fosters each student's unique potential and their ability to live harmoniously in society.

Core Values

Good citizenship

The school cultures good morals and ethics. We inspire students to appreciate Thai culture and respect people from all backgrounds and beliefs. Students engage in service, both at the school and in the local area, through a variety of initiatives, including projects to protect the environment. Students are inspired to be global citizens and give back to society.


Through competency across a diverse curriculum—including STEM, future skills, and vocational training—students develop self-sufficiency and grow towards their full potential.


Lead by Example

Administrators, teachers, and staff at the school uphold the values and model the qualities we inspire in our students.

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