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Sports Days!

From 18 to 23 December, Dhammajarinee enjoyed Sports Days. Sports Days in Thailand are celebrated each year in December, to commemorate the day King Bhumibol Adulyadej won a gold medal in sailing in 1967, along with his daughter Princess Ubol Ratana. Sports Days traditionally involve various activities and events that showcase the diversity and excellence of Thai sports, including parades, marching bands, costumes, sports competitions to foster healthy competition and teamwork, and award ceremonies. These celebratory days are always a highlight of the year for the students, who are involved in every aspect of the organization. Please enjoy the slideshow below with highlights from the events.

We are grateful that Meiji Thailand made Sports Days even fuller by donating their delicious and nutritious Meiji Paigen probiotic yogurt drinks for all our students!

We send sincere appreciation to Meiji and great congratulations to the students for such successful Sports Days!


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