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Dhammajarinee Art Exhibition in Bangkok

We wanted to share the exciting news that our students’ art was recently featured at an exhibition in Bangkok! The event was organized by today4tomorrow, a group of high school seniors from leading international schools in Bangkok and the UK who have come together to better the lives of women. The exhibition showcased the impressive range of artistic talent at Dhammajarinee, represented by paintings, drawings, flower art, etched glass art, knitting, crocheting, and handicrafts.

Ananya, one of the members of today4tomorrow and the main organizer of the exhibition, said, “It was a huge success. A lot of people came and learned about the school and bought the artwork.”

Dhamamajrinee student artists were thrilled to attend the event and see their artwork displayed. The event raised meaningful support and brought a wave of appreciation for the school in the local Bangkok community. This is the third time that today4tomorrow has kindly supported our school. Prior to the exhibition, they organized charity events at their individual schools in Bangkok and the UK, raising additional funds. Late last year, they visited Dhammajarinee to meet the leadership and students and donated much-needed hardware for STEM education, including computers, iPads, projectors, and scanners.

We send heartfelt appreciation to all the members of today4tomorrow for their hard work arranging the art exhibition and their generous support throughout this past school year. 

Pictured below is a student enjoying seeing her artwork displayed, a visitor learning about the school, leaders of today4tomorrow with Dhammajarinee teachers and students, intricate flower art, and a student painting.


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