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New School Year, New Programs

Dhammajarinee is abuzz with the start of the new school year. In addition to the Thai national curriculum, the school is very focused on expanding its vocational training courses. Two local colleges—Ratchaburi Polytechnic College and Pak Tho Industrial and Community Education College—will teach classes including fundamental electrical engineering, design for computer programs, industrial design and packaging, creative portrait arts, royal Thai sweet making, carving and crafts, and agriculture.

Also this year, Dhammajarinee will offer a wider range of electives. Classes include fast math, algebra, computer graphics, video editing, software development, art, music, archery, pastry-making, English, Chinese literature, and Chinese culture.

The range of courses represents Dhammajarinee’s commitment to offering holistic education for the full development of every student. An increased focus on technology will equip our students to be successful in our digital age, where 94% of Thai employers are looking for skilled workers in technology, but just 1% of the population is skilled in this area, and only 8% have basic skills.


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