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Dhammajarinee's Digital Transformation

There is an exciting digital transformation happening at Dhammajarinee! Thanks to new laptop and tablet donations throughout the past year, students now have access to technology as never before. It has been thrilling seeing them express their creativity in coding and STEM, explore topics for class projects and their careers, enter and win online academic competitions, and research and apply to university.

This year we are further utilizing the technology — with more grades learning to code, expanding online English, and adding online science and math. As part of vocational skills training, students will learn programming, video editing, graphic design, setting up and repairing computers, and business accounting. The devices will also be used in class to facilitate active learning — a hands-on educational approach that promotes engagement and critical thinking and improves student outcomes. We are currently fundraising for additional tablets so more students can learn digital skills and participate in online learning.

The United Nation’s International Women’s Day theme this year is DigitALL — bridging the gender gap through access to technology and digital education. Dhammajarinee is proud to do our part to help close this digital gender divide.

Thank you for your ongoing support, enabling us to continue providing digital skills and a holistic, life-changing education to underserved girls in Thailand.


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