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Conclusion of STEM Training

Dr. Stuart Kohlhagen's three-week intensive STEM training concluded and was even more successful than anticipated. Three programs ran simultaneously—200 students participating in computational thinking, 60 students learning science, and 30 advanced students joining a digital skills module. Teachers were also trained as part of this initiative to bring the knowledge and methodology to all the students at the school.

The learning was classic STEM—interdisciplinary, hands-on, and real-world. One such example involved making DVD and cardboard spectroscopes to investigate emission spectra from various lights. Afterwards were profound discussions of applications and revelations of using spectroscopy in physics, chemistry, and astronomy.

It is very powerful seeing Dr. Kohlhagen bringing real STEM and 21st-century skills to Dhammajarinee—initiative, creative problem-solving, and resilience—culturing our students to be leaders in whatever field they choose.

We sincerely thank Dr. Kohlhagen, Bangkok Translation and Interpretation Service, and Kitiya Hongthai for this transformational program at Dhammajarinee!


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