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University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce Studies at DWS

On 26 January, teachers and first-year students of the Department of Early Childhood Education, University of Thai Chamber of Commerce, came to study early childhood education at DWS. Dhammajarinee was selected because it is a training centre for the HighScope active learning approach, a progressive method of early childhood education that has been implemented at DWS for many years.


HighScope aims to close the opportunity gap through high-quality early childhood education. Its method is based on the idea that children learn best from active learning experiences, which they plan and carry out themselves. In this way, children learn that they are capable of making decisions and solving problems on their own. Educators serve as guides, providing materials, supporting children to meet certain developmental challenges, and helping them to reflect on their experiences—creating a child-centered and interactive learning environment. The university also chose to study at Dhammajarinee because it felt the school would inspire its students to graduate successfully and become qualified teachers in the future.


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