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Logan’s Journey Scholarship Recipients

We are thrilled to announce the 2024 recipients of the Logan’s Journey Scholarship, one of whom is pictured above. The Scholarship is a $50,000 annual grant given to the school by a generous donor in memory of his son Logan, and it is inspired by Logan's commitment to helping those in need. The Scholarship is distributed to exceptional graduates needing financial assistance for university. Students chosen for the scholarship demonstrate the same commitment to public service as Logan, ensuring that the impact continues.

Please enjoy the slideshow below of the scholarship awardees. Due to a greater focus on STEM, some of these graduates are attending top technology universities in Thailand and will major in areas including aerospace engineering and industrial technology. Other majors include public health, science, mathematics, modern trade, nursing, innovative agriculture, art education, hospitality, English communication, and Chinese communication.

We are sincerely grateful for the generosity of Logan’s Journey, which is supporting our graduates in university, preparing them for the careers of their dreams, and ensuring that the ripple effect of helping others extends far beyond Dhammajarinee’s campus.


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