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Wasana is from a small, remote village in Northern Thailand, a village so remote that she could not attend a normal school. Instead, a member of the military, whose hard terrain vehicle could reach her area, was appointed to teach all subjects to the children of the area.  

Wasana's family was poor and it seemed there were no other options for education, but Wasana wanted more. She says, "I wanted to go to a real school and I wanted to study Dharma and meditate."


When she was about to start sixth grade, Wasana got her wish. Wasana's family learned about DWS and made arrangements for her to go there. Wasana says, “It was my dream come true to attend Dhammjarinee." The director of the school, Aunampai herself, came to pick her up, and from that moment on Wasana's life began to transform.

DWS Changes Lives

“Since attending Dhammajarinee," Wasana says, ”I have changed a lot. Prior to this school, I always went my own way according to my own interest, what I wanted, without thought of others. But with Dharma Study and meditation I learned life should not be like that. Now I know what to do and what not to do. I am much more aware of what I am doing and its influence on others. If something is not good to say, I will not say it."

Wasana says her relationship with the younger students has improved as well. She explains, "I find I am much more helpful to younger children than before. I will help them and I will warn them when they are going to do something not good."

Also, she says, "Now I pay more attention to what the teachers are saying.  My grade point has gone from 2.5 to 3.21.”

When asked about the director of the school, Wasana responds with deep emotion, saying that Aunampai is like a second mother to her. "From the very beginning when she picked me up to attend the school she has given me everything. I feel so blessed by her and this school." 

Also, she adds, "My health has been much better since I came to this school.” (DWS students receive all meals and free dental and medical care.)

DWS Opens Opportunities for the Future

Wasana is now a senior at DWS and is the president of the student body. She will graduate in March and she says it is her wish to continue and work at the school for three years and then go back to help her village. 

However, Aunampai has promised Wasana’s parents that DWS will sponsor Wasana to attend college and get her bachelors’ degree. Her parents' response to this inspiring news was, “If this is so, please just keep her there; her life is much better there than it would be here.” 

Wasana has truly made the most of the opportunities at Dhammajarinee Witthaya School, opportunities made possible through the generosity of donors around the world. 

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