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"I came to Dhammajarinee because my family is poor and we live in a remote area without any basic means of communication. It was not possible for me to continue my education after middle school. Dhammajarinee was the perfect opportunity to continue my education and my parents did not have to pay anything. The benefit to my family from not needing to support another child was great."

“Dhammajarinee gave me this amazing opportunity to continue my education and also receive a scholarship to attend a BA degree program. One thing I love about Dhammajarinee is that it taught me to be disciplined, for example, more patient and punctual. What I love most about Dhammajarinee School is how meditation gave me a calmer mind. In addition, I loved being together in a warm family. At Dhammajarinee the teacher is like a second mother and the school is like a second home.”

"After completing my BA degree in the field of Chinese language and teaching, I returned to teach Chinese to grades 1-3 at Dhammajarinee. I am very grateful to donors who support this school."

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