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What’s Happening Now...

Due to the rise of COVID, the government requires all schools to provide classes remotely. Recently, the Provincial Governor visited Dhammjarinee to personally evaluate the COVID safety protocols of this large, residential school. He was happy with all he saw, but required the school to prevent outside staff from coming on campus. This means all teachers, while remaining off campus, are giving classes remotely to their students who gather in socially-distanced, small groups in their classrooms.

With teachers and staff unable to come on campus, the older students have really risen to the occasion. They are helping in the kitchen, on the grounds, and caring for the very young girls who are normally looked after by their teachers. The older girls make the beds of the younger children, tidy up their area, and do their laundry.

Students all across Thailand are experiencing isolation and missing the normalcy of life. At Dhammajarinee, the girls feel very fortunate to be together with their friends, with much of their student life continuing as usual. Here the girls are enjoying a pizza picnic for all students.


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