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We’re So Proud of Our Girls

Everyone at Dhammajarinee enjoyed the first TM Retreat ever held at the school. The retreat was Acharn Yai’s creative and purposeful solution to the recent lockdowns that have taken place in Thailand.

Towards the end of July, a national lockdown in response to the first significant COVID surge in Thailand, resulted in classes being halted throughout the country. With her usual amazing resourcefulness, Director Acharn Yai found a way to take maximum advantage of the situation. She organized for all students and teachers to enjoy a 10-Day TM Retreat. It was a golden opportunity for students and teachers to experience and benefit from Yoga asanas and extended meditation as their primary focus.

The retreat was a tremendous success that boosted everyone’s appreciation and understanding of their program. Everyone was asked to write up their experiences and many reported feeling much happier, more positive, more settled, with better memory and increased energy and power. The closing celebration featured performances by students and special treats for everyone.

3 minute video of a student performance:


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