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Support for our Graduates—the Logan Journey Fund

One of the things we are most proud of at Dhammajarinee is that over 90% of graduates attend university. In comparison, only 5% of children from low-income families in Thailand enroll in higher education. While Dhammajarinee helps arrange scholarships, they are mostly tuition-only. 95% of Dhammajarinee students come from underserved backgrounds, most often without any infrastructure for financial support. So students take loans and part-time jobs to fund their living costs. Having to make payments on these loans and keeping up with extra work while going through school places significant pressure on the girls, making it difficult for them to complete their university studies.

A great supporter of the school, seeing this challenge and knowing the benefits of higher education for our gradates’ futures, just made a substantial difference to many of our girls’ lives. This donor created the “Logan Journey Fund” at Dhammajarinee to honor their son Logan’s extraordinary life of service to those less fortunate. Logan was passionate about helping those in need, including fostering young at-risk children during times of crisis. Please see Logan's photo below.

The Logan Journey Fund is a $50,000 annual grant to Dhammajarinee, to be distributed to exceptional students needing financial assistance to complete university. Girls chosen for the scholarship will have the same commitment to public service as Logan, ensuring that the ripple effect of support continues to spread.

We are deeply grateful for this supporter's great vision and generosity in establishing the Logan Journey Fund. Logan’s legacy will continue—transforming the lives of many Dhammajarinee graduates, and in turn, their families and communities.


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