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STEM Training for the Students

Dhammajarinee’s new academic school year began in May with 1079 students. Our heartfelt appreciation goes to you for helping to make quality education possible for so many disadvantaged girls.

Exciting STEM progress

Dr. Stuart Kohlhagen, one of Australia’s foremost public scientists and an award-winning international STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) educator, conducted a two-week training session at the school in June. Teachers and students participated in an introduction to coding and physical computing, robotics, and STEM across the disciplines of math, science and art.

A STEM club was formed where students undertook design and engineering challenges. Most importantly, teachers and students learned the skills of critical thinking and creative problem solving and enjoyed the wonder that comes from discovery and the learning process.

The STEM training was made possible through a generous contribution from the Goethe-Institute Thailand, a German cultural association, and through private donors.

Dhammajarinee students were asked what they learned from their training. Enjoy these examples of their responses.

I learned how to:

1) Use scratch and microbit - microbit writing skills.

2) How to create robots

3) Practice problem solving

4) Be patient/persistent/enduring

5) Solve problems from questioning

6) Be careful and respect the details.

7) Use programming

8) Think and solve the problem by myself

9) Take action by myself

10) Learn from the problem

11) Teamwork

Thank you for your support and for offering more than a thousand young women the opportunity to unfold their full potential.


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