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More Girls, More Joy

The rainy season here in Thailand has been especially lush and cool. In this one minute linked video you can see the fun that the girls have taking the “tarp train” during a classic Thai downpour. The youngest girls are not adept at safely handling and keeping track of an umbrella, but they enjoy boarding the “tarp train” together to travel from the dining room to class.

November 1st marked the re-opening of Thailand on many levels. Fortunately, the old and new students that were unable to come to the school since May, due to provincial lockdowns, have now returned. The size of the student body has expanded to 1075. We can feel the increase of joy and enthusiasm that is spreading through the campus.

Abiding by all the national regulations for protecting the safety of students, teachers, and staff at Dhammajarinee is a top priority. All returning students and teachers received a COVID test on arrival and quarantined for two weeks to ensure the safety of all those who were already at the school.

With more girls returning to the school, expenses are on the rise. We appreciate your generous care and kindness in all you do to meet the needs of these adorable and deserving young girls!

This is a time of year when donors traditionally make plans for their year-end giving. We hope that you will include Dhammajarinee School in your planned donations. There will be a special opportunity to have your donation enhanced by GlobalGiving during the “Giving Tuesday” campaign. Details coming soon.

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