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Finally, the Dhammajarinee Teachers are Back

We are happy to report that the teachers and staff who were unable to be at Dhammajarinee School have now returned to teach and work….finally!

Teachers are hired from areas all over Thailand because there are not enough local teachers to meet the needs of the school. Fortunately, over the years, teachers have been committed to working at the school because of its mission and its efforts to make living and teaching at Dhammajarinee a special and attractive profession.

One of the problems with hiring teachers from outlying locations is the need for Dhammajarinee to provide and cover the considerable cost of their off-campus housing.

To alleviate this cost some very generous donors were motivated to build an on-campus Teacher’s Residence. This building is scheduled to be completed by the end of January. The construction of the Teacher’s Residence is especially timely because COVID restrictions make it clear how important it is to have the teachers reside on campus so that classes can continue under any and all circumstances.

The added benefit to on-campus housing is that the teachers can easily participate in the twice-daily TM and TM-Sidhi meditation programs, for personal and collective benefit.

ALERT: We know that many donors enjoy making year-end donations to the causes that are dear to their hearts. It will soon be possible to maximize your generous support of Dhammajarinee Witthaya School through the Giving Tuesday* bonus opportunity offered at

An incentive bonus will be added to donations made on one day only—

30 November 2021 from 00:01–23:59 CST/USA Time

All donations up to $2500 will be eligible for bonus funds.

The percentage of the bonus funds that Dhammajarinee will receive is proportional to the total amount raised on 30 November by all projects on The more we raise, the higher percentage of bonus funds Dhammajarinee will receive.

Thank you for the role you play in making Dhammajarinee a safe haven and miraculous educational opportunity for young girls in need.


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