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Exciting New Developments

Thailand’s school year just ended, and most girls have returned to their home areas until May. They go to a family member or the public shelter they came from. However, some of the girls have no place to go and remain at the school.

Each year, Dhammajarinee’s Director gives special attention to the girls who stay behind by taking them to the beach or on a special outing. The girls recently received a surprise visit from a UK donor who came to deliver gift bags. They were thrilled by the abundance of gifts and certainly felt special.

New Developments

In the next academic year. DWS will be actively working to raise the standard of excellence at the school:

· 15 new specialized teachers to be hired: 5 for Math, 5 for Computer Science, 5 for English.

· From 20–22 May Dhammajarinee will host the first Teacher Weekend Seminar conducted by experts in improving teaching skills for all teachers.

· From 3–5 June a Coding Camp is planned for all students interested in learning computer programing and pursuing a career in this field.

· From 18 June to 4 July a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Workshop will be held. An international STEM expert will train teachers and familiarize students in the use of STEM methods in the classroom to bring the academic standard to a higher level.

We will be reporting on these developments as they unfold.


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