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Dhammajarinee Opening New Horizons for Success

Greetings from Acharn Yai and members of Dhammajarinee’s new kindergarten classes!

Dhammajarinee’s new academic school year began in May with 1079 students. New and returning girls with diverse problem backgrounds arrived at the school from all over Thailand.

The new school year begins with Acharn Yai and the faculty evaluating each new student, her background, personal problems, health, language skills, and education level. The Girls are then organized into classes that best meet their needs.

This year there are 43 girls who are refugees, mostly from Myanmar. Many Dhammajarinee girls have learning disabilities, or are behind their grade level. Some of the girls have physical disabilities.

Within the first few weeks of every school year, new students learn the Transcendental Meditation technique. The impact of the technique on stress and trauma management has been outstanding and girls are able to settle and focus easily on their studies.

Soon after learning the TM technique, these new students will learn the advanced Transcendental Meditation Sidhi program, providing them with even greater benefits to their wellbeing, health, and academic success.

Thank you for continuing to support Dhammajarinee, ensuring that no girls are turned away.

For predictable planning and progress to expand the number of students, we warmly encourage you to become a regular Guardian Monthly Donor.

In case you missed the news and photos sent from our Global Giving platform, please enjoy the exciting STEM progress below. The STEM program is continuing with regular Zoom calls between STEM expert and educator Stuart Kohlhagen and the faculty and students of Dhammajarinee.

In addition, on 4 August ARO Thailand donated and taught the girls how to construct and program Microbits Robotics Kit, enabling them to move the robots along track lines.


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