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August 2017: Meditation Hall for 1000 Needed!

The number of students grew this year from 690 in 2016 to 775 in 2017. And the number of students practicing the TM-Sidhi Program is expected to grow this year from 397 in 2016 to 467 by the end of 2017. At present, the students use the assembly hall for group practice--each day furnishings are moved to allow for practice, and then replaced.

However, even with moving all the furnishings, this present room is not large enough to allow for the present number of students to do their group program together. For the school to achieve the goal of 1000 practicing the advanced TM-Sidhi program together, a larger meditation hall must be built soon.

A design for a new two story Vastu building has been created, which will allow students and faculty practicing TM to practice upstairs while 1000 students practicing TM-Sidhi program practice downstairs. The architect who proposed this design will be visiting the school again soon to finalize the design, location and begin to create the detailed specifications and precise price analysis. Artist's Drawing of the New Meditation Hall

The building with the needed interiors is estimated to be one million dollars. A campaign to fundraise for this large meditation hall will begin August 2017. Please everyone, think together to help us fulfill this most important facility to generate coherence and peace for Thailand and all of Southeast Asia.


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