Dhammajarinee Witthaya School (DWS) is the first and only free Thai boarding school administered by Buddhist nuns.

The school began in 1993 when Buddhist nuns working in an impoverished area saw the serious discrepancy in gender inequality among girls beyond primary school. Orphaned or impoverished boys could become novices and receive a home and education in a temple. Girls had little or no opportunity to further their education.


The school began with 30 orphaned girls aged 12 to 15. Since 1993, more than 4020 girls living in extreme poverty, orphaned, or from broken homes have come to Dhammajarinee Witthaya School, with 1075 students currently enrolled from pre-school to 12th grade. All students at Dhammajarinee receive, without charge, a safe home, food, clothing, and medical care. The standard academic education and occupational skills training in life and business skills, organic gardening, food service, restaurant operations and management, and more, helps the students advance more quickly than in other schools, unfolding their full potential, leadership, and initiative to fulfill their career desires.


DWS promotes completing minimum grade 12 and arranges scholarships for most graduates to go on to university. Another special feature of Dhammajarinee Witthaya School is the focus on traditional values, morality, and citizenship training. DWS serves both Buddhist and non-Buddhist students.


In spite of their disadvantaged and often troubled backgrounds, DWS students consistently win regional and national awards in Storytelling, Mind Map, Arts, Music, Science and Business projects, and traditional Buddhist recitation

The school's reputation has spread, resulting in more and more girls applying to attend. In order to accommodate more students, DWS has been steadily expanding its infrastructure and facilities.